I’m 2018 Ready!

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

How did you spend your NYE? Did you watch the countdown? I’m not even gonna lie I spent all night working on TGR updates. I probably would have slept had I not taken a nap earlier in the day.

2017 was an alright year. I ended 2016 by researching how to partner with beauty brands. My research paid off and I am happy to end 2017 with 3, working on the 4th, brand partnerships!! I did not reach my goal of 500 YouTube or 100 blog subscribers BUT, I am almost at 20K  channel views and I outdid myself on the Gram and Facebook!!! Outside of the blog and the YouTube channel I changed careers, moved 16 hours FROM my home state of South Carolina, switched bases for my job and moved 16 hours BACK to my home state of South Carolina. I visited my grandmother for the first time since I was around 5. I traveled to Canada, although for work, 3 times. I fell in love, I had my heart-broken and as a result, I learned to love myself even more. As I reflect upon this past year I am happy to say I have no regrets. I look forward to 2018 and the growth it will bring. I actually saw this interesting meme on Facebook and Instagram last week that I believe is fitting in some way shape or form to everyone’s 2017

“Going into 2017 in peace…

If you owe me, Don’t worry about it! If you feel I wronged you, I apologize!. If you feel you wronged me, It’s all good! If you’re beefing with me, You won! If we aren’t speaking, It’s cool, be safe and I will always wish you well! Life is too short! No one is promised their next breath. Live, Love, and Laugh! Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!”

A few weeks ago I shared a few of my 2018 goals on Instagram.

in 2018 I will

With only a few more hours left until the ball drops and 2018 officially begins I wanted to share a few more of my goals. I hope some of you will do the same below in the comments!

As always




Rei’s 2018 Goal list

  1. Travel on behalf of my blog and/or one of my brand sponsors.
  2. Finalize and Open Online Store
  3. Start Grad School
    1. pass GRE
    2. Finish Application
  4. Earn my first YouTube Check
  5. Earn a profit from either my blog or freelance blogging
  6. 500K YouTube Subscribers (Click Here to Subscribe to my Channel)
  7. 1000 Blog Subscribers (Click Here to Subscribe to ThatGalRei)
  8. Visit 3 countries
  9. visit 12 different states (FOR VACATION NOT WORK!!)
  10. Think of reasons to smile every day
  11. Stay organized and consistent
  12. Girl Issa  Photo Shoot–AKA you need to do one asap–
  13. GET A P/.O. BOX
  14. Write and Publish a book
  15. Do something that puts you outside of your comfort zone weekly
  16. Make time for yourself TAKE PERSONAL DAYS WHEN NEEDED! –It’s okay to stay away from social media or ignore texts and phone calls–
  17. Release an e-book
  18. Do either a Facebook Or IG live at least 5 times this year!


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  1. I loved this post. I still need to do my goal list but some of them are:

    1. To start working out more consistently.

    2. To spend more time with God

    3. To write to blog for business and beauty

    4. To post videos weekly

    5. To stop allowing anything to stop me in finishing my books

    6. To pay off debts

    7. To save more

    8. To travel out of the states.

    9. To be free.

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