Boldify Dry Texture Spray Review

A couple of months ago Boldify sent me a can of their dry texture spray to try out and review.


By now y’all should know I’m a stickler for holding new products up to the standards that they themselves set AKA I expect them to work the way they say they will in the description. This dry texture spray states that it is supposed to “create instant fullness, body, shape, and texture” a fancy way of saying it’s a volumizing hairspray. I was slightly skeptical about testing this product out because 1) my hair is already super voluminous as it is and 2) I’ve never really been a fan of hair sprays. Still, I was happy to give it a shot and even thrilled that they reached out to me to try it for them.

It took me a little longer than usual to do this review because I wanted to test this spray out on my curls and on straightened hair. I’m not going to completely knock this product but I gotta admit it is not on my go-to list. Let’s discuss the pro’s

  • It did not cause my hair to have a crunchy texture
    • Both times my hair remained soft. I was extremely pleased with this because when other hair sprays were used on my hair growing up I used to hate how crunchy my hair would feel after application.
  • It is long lasting
  • It smells decent
    • I was expecting a typical overpowering metallic smell but I was surprised to find it to be somewhat pleasant
  • It definitely added volume

This last bullet ironically brings us to our cons. My hair is already super thick and voluminous. I learned the hard way that applying a volumizing product to big hair isn’t the best idea. I honestly ended up with a “mess”

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 I did somewhat like my hair I had to immediately wash my hair the next day in order to even drag a comb through it.


  • It leaves a residue
    • this made it difficult to manage my hair the next day but it was fairly easy to wash out
  • It simply did not work for my hair
    • I believe this would be the perfect fit for someone with thinner flatter curls

So now you are probably asking if I would recommend this product to anyone. I mean the pros did outweigh the cons numerically and the dry texture spray did somewhat do what it said it would so far as creating “volume, fullness” and all that jazz. Still, this does not change the fact that it simply did not work for my hair. If you have naturally thick voluminous hair like I do then it’s a no-go. However, if your curls are flatter, your hair is thinner, and you are looking for something that will create a bigger, textured look then this may be something to try out. Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried Boldify products before and your thoughts on them.

Check out their website by clicking here



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