January Treated me Right for once…

I cannot believe January is almost over! Where has the time gone! Just yesterday I was standing in my brother’s kitchen making cheese biscuits for Christmas dinner.

I was expecting this January to be a shit show of wasted planning, and goal setting per the last 2 years but I’m excited to say that has not been the case. I think I may have finally cracked the code needed to prevent a January goal accomplishing meltdown that many of us experience shortly after setting goals or resolutions. Patience and meditation seemed to have helped me out the most the last couple of weeks. Oan sleep. I refused to deprive myself of sleep for anything or anybody. Proper rest was definitely key.

So what all did I do?

  • I traveled on behalf of my blog and spoke at an event in Charleston-a goal on my 2018 list (click HERE to read my full list)
  • I stayed fairly consistent with posting content on here and on YouTube
  • I joined a new blogger facebook community
  • I worked hard at staying on top of my fitness goals (working out on trips, yoga 3-4 times a week, drinking water, drinking teas, and eating right)
  • I managed to stay away from liquor almost all month!
    • I felt like drinking was contributing to my weight gain so I wanted to go dry all month but a glass of wine here and there were necessary after a few rough days
  • I wore a lace front wig for the first time (I APPLIED IT MYSELF!!)
  • My hair stayed fleeky all month

They may seem like small accomplishments but hey they are mine and I’m proud of myself. I really feel like I’m heading into February with confidence and motivation.

If you’re reading this and you don’t feel as if your January was that worthwhile I want to remind you that you survived it and that is more important than anything else. Keep working hard and I promise it will begin to pay off.

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