Styling Finger-Coils| My first D.I.Y attempt

Finger-coils are a great low maintenance styling option for anyone who, like me, has issues achieving super defined curls. They work on most hair textures and lengths and styling time just depends on the length and thickness of your hair–it took me 4 hours.

Finger Coils 4

They can last for at least 2 weeks and are extremely versatile. (Check out the pictures below to see how I’ve styled my coils this past week)  Personally, I like to wear the tight coils for a full week before separating them into smaller textured curls to wear the second week.

Finger Coils 3

Styling is fairly simple. I used Aunt Jackies Quench Leave-in conditioner and Don’t Shrink Gel although any styling pudding or lotion can work in the gel’s place. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Separate clean, DAMP**, freshly washed hair into smaller sections
    1. keep warmed spritz bottle handy. styling requires hair to be damp
  2. Starting section by section, I recommend working from the back, work your leave-in conditioner, again I used Aunt Jackies Quench, through your tresses from roots to ends.
  3. Apply an oil (I used coconut oil) or balm to your hair to seal in moisture BE SURE to detangle as you go!
  4. Section off a smaller section of hair (I did mine on the smaller side) and clip the rest. Apply either gel, lotion or styling pudding (a little more than a pea)
  5. Begin twirling/coiling the hair around your finger starting close to your scalp and working down to the end.
  6. Repeat until all sections are done.

If you are like me and a visual is necessary check out this video by Natural Hair Rebel below- Next time I style my own I’ll create a video for y’all to check out lol I promise


The the other finger-coiling method requires a small tooth comb BUT the one and only time I tried it I created more knots than coils however this method may work better for you.  That’s all there really is to it y’all.  At night I simply slap on a bonnet or tie up my hair with a silk scarf. I use my own spritz concoction to moisturize in the morning and The Natural Roots Liquid Love to care for my scalp.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored blog post

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