5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

“Maybe She’s born with it or, maybe it’s coconut oil”

-Melanated Proverb

Sis you know it’s true! Most of us bathe in the stuff. I’m not entirely certain of the scientific or chemical properties that enable coconut oil to work so well for melanin skin, but it does.

Over the last few years, coconut oil has taken the beauty industry by storm. When I first transitioned my hair back to its natural state there weren’t many products that contained coconut oil; however today almost every product brand has a line that contains either coconut oil or milk. When did it become so popular?  and why? Well for starters coconuts are a superfood. According to this article and even more research, it is good for you internally and externally.  Keep scrolling to for a list of ways that I use this magical oil.


  • Cooking
    • Since switching up my diet I have been trying to refrain from using butter and other dairy products. Besides olive and grapeseed oil, coconut oil is becoming one of my favorite oils to cook with as a substitute.
  • Shaving cream replacement
    • Have you ever read the labels on a bottle of shaving cream? Many of them are nothing more than fluff and filler. I honestly feel as if coconut oil works better than shaving creams anyway. I feel as though I am able to go longer in between shaves, I rarely, if ever experience any razor bumps or irritations and my skin feels good instead of cracked and dry. The only downfall to using coconut oil is that I go through razors more quickly. The oil tends to stick to the blades which dulls them out.
  • Makeup remover
    • recently I was eavesdropping on a conversation between a few MUA. I was hoping to gain a few tips for my lackluster makeup application. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when they started discussing how they removed their makeup. That was until one of them said she keeps a jar of vaseline by her bathroom sink. My heart dropped and I couldn’t help but think “EWWWWW” Coconut oil is such a better make up remover replacement to pore clogging, skin damaging petroleum jelly. Supposedly the brand vaseline is supposed to be a lot better aka cleaner than other brands but  I know many of you prefer to save a buck and have a jar of off-brand tucked away somewhere.
  • To seal in moisture
    • Coconut oil provides the skin and hair a little moisture on its own but I’ve found that it works best if used along with a moisturizer for both your skin and hairs health
    • I keep a small jar of coconut oil in the bathroom to apply to my wet skin after I shower/bathe. Then When I’m mostly dressed I apply my favorite lotion.
    • For my hair, I use either coconut oil, shea butter or olive oil to seal in any water-based moisturizing product. Using coconut oil in place of your moisturizer does not work for everyone. If you find that this is the case for you try using it as mentioned above.
  • As a protectant
    • A friend of mine, Patty-cakes, told me a while ago that she applies coconut oil to her hair before going swimming to prevent chlorine damage. This past summer I started doing the same thing. I can’t say for certain that it actually works because I only went swimming a handful of times this past summer, however, I will say that my hair was not as matted and unruly when it dried after a jumping in the pool.

I hope you found the above-mentioned suggestions useful. Now tell me some ways that you use coconut oil in the comments below.

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